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Bed Bug Treatment: Heat vs Conventional

There are basically only two choices for a bed bug treatment:

Heat Treatment

Conventional (Chemical) Treatment.

You can be sure that the bed bugs will keep biting until one of the above effective treatment procedures is conducted.

The Formula for a Successful Heat Treatment is Simple.

Reach Lethal Temperatures = Bed Bugs Die.

Bed bugs cannot live for long in temperatures in excess of 120 degrees.

When exposed to 130-degree heat they die within seconds.


Get to greater than 120 Degrees

Using sophisticated heating equipment we will safely raise the temperature of infested areas. We bring our own power supply so the only electricity we will be using is to run a few fans to circulate the air.

Eliminate Cold Spots

Our team is well trained on eliminating colds spots. We move clothes, re-arrange furniture, open suitcases, etc. Success is in the details. And, we are good at details.

Hold Temperature

Once our technician has eliminated all cold spots, we will maintain temperatures lethal to all bed bug stages for around 4 hours. We monitor temperatures with thermal imaging equipment to ensure total bed bug elimination.

Heat Treatment Facts

  • Bed bugs cannot live when exposed to elevated temperatures.
  • A heat treatment done correctly will kill ALL bed bugs. (Eggs, Nymphs, Adults)
  • Treatment begins at 8:00 AM and we finish before you return home from work.

All of our Heat Treatments come with a 30-day guarantee.  Additionally, we are proud to offer a 6 month (180 days) warranty. In the event that bed bugs are reintroduced to the property, we will return and re-treat conventionally for just $175 per visit.

The formula For A Successful Bed Bug Treatment Using Conventional Methods

Using products specifically designed to eliminate bed bugs, a conventional treatment regimen can yield great results.

The right products, at the right time, and in the right places means bed bugs die.


Preparation is Key

A successful bed bug treatment will require the active participation of the client. Pest professionals will ask the client to wash and dry clothes, regularly vacuum, etc.

Attention to Detail

Bed bugs can hide almost anywhere. Professionally trained pest control pros know where to look and where to treat to eliminate pests.

Multiple Treatments

A conventional bed bug treatment will usually need to be repeated twice or three times to achieve total elimination. It is important to follow the advice of pest professionals between treatments.

What Bed Bug Treatment is Right for You?

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