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Bed bug heat treatments are scientifically proven. It is a biological fact that bed bugs die within minutes when exposed to temperatures of greater than 120 degrees.

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The formula for a successful heat treatment is simple. Bring the heat and the bed bugs die.


Get to greater than 120 Degrees

Using sophisticated heating equipment we will safely raise the temperature of infested areas. We bring our own power supply so the only electricity we will be using is to run a few fans to circulate the air.

Eliminate Cold Spots

Our team is well trained on eliminating colds spots. We move clothes, re-arrange furniture, open suitcases, etc. Success is in the details. And, we are good at details.

Hold Temperature

Once lethal to bed bug temperatures have been reached we will maintain lethal temperatures for at least 4 hours. A bed bug heat treatments success depends on the heat penetrating deep into couches, walls and carpets.

Bed bug heat treatments are the recommended method to eliminate bed bugs. A bed bug heat treatment is the most convenient option for home owners because it requires little preparation and the bed bug problem is solved in one day. Bed bugs cannot survive when we bring the heat! Other methods, while still effective at killing bed bugs require more preparation and it usually requires a pest control professional to visit the property multiple times.

HeatRx Treatment Guarantees

All of our Bed Bug Heat Treatments come with a 30-day guarantee.  Additionally, we are proud to offer an extended 6 month (180 day) warranty!

In the event that bed bugs get reintroduced within 180 days, we will return and retreat conventionally for just $175. It is the best warranty in the industry backed by the best bed bug heat treatment company in San Francisco’s Bay Area.


Bed Bug Elimination


Customer Satisfaction

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Treatment Availability within 5 Days

Why Choose a Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment in room.

When you hire HeatRx to perform a bed bug heat treatment you will get the best possible service. We are bed bug heat treatment professionals. We are also licensed and experienced pest control professionals.

As a licensed pest control company with the State of California, we are able to apply residual products that can proactively protect your home from future bed bug infestations.

During a typical bed bug heat treatment, we will spend approximately 60 minutes inspecting and applying long-lasting materials specifically formulated to eliminate bed bugs. The bed bug heat treatment will eliminate nearly all of the bed bugs; residual products will assist in eliminating any surviving or reintroduced bed bugs.

14 days later we return for a follow-up inspection and treatment.  During this follow up inspection/treatment we will re-apply long-lasting residual products to further prevent the re-occurrence of bed bugs.

Dedicated to Customer Service

Call us 24 /7

Is it 2am and the bed bugs biting? Chat online with us or call us. We are eager to help you regardless of the hour. In the rare instance we aren’t available we will call you back ASAP.

Detailed Paperwork

Whether it is a Written Quote for services or a Completed Service Notification we always like to provide details. We want our customers to know what we did, what we saw, what we treated, and how our customers can assist. Eliminating bed bugs is a team effort and teams work best when there is good communication.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Experts

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Jared showed up and was really thorough with his search. He provided a mattress sealant for me immediately after the inspection, and aside from the great service, he was also just super cool and kind. I’m thankful for it!!!

Lena O.

HeatRx responded to our request immediately, scheduled us for an inspection just as quickly. They were polite and professional, and provided an estimate that day.

Amber W.

Katrina M

Star Rating

Thank You, Cody For All Your Help! Your Guys’ Knowledge, Professionalism And Care Really Put Us At Ease About A Very Un-Easy Situation. You Guys Take This Very Seriously, We Can’t Thank You Enough For That. We Wish We Had Avoided Other Avenues Of Treatment And Just Gone With HeatRx Initially And Saved Ourselves The Headache And Time. Best Price And Super Quick Service, Highly Recommend, Outstanding Customer Service!

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Dacia C.

Star Rating

Cody Was Professional And Also Conveyed Genuine Concern For Our Situation. We Greatly Appreciated His Knowledge And The Manner In Which He Patiently Explained Every Part Of The Process…While Fielding Many Questions Along The Way!

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Angela D.

Star Rating

Cody Is Knowledgeable And Reassuring. He Treated Our House And Its Contents With Great Care, As If It Were His Own Home. I Feel I Can Take A Huge Sigh Of Relief Now That The Treatment Is Complete. We Feel Lucky To Have Found This Company And To Have Worked With Cody.

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Why are so many people choosing HeatRx?

Our team has been exterminating bed bugs for years.  We are licensed by the State of California and use only the best materials and procedures.  We don’t cut corners and are fanatics when it comes to customer service.  Competitors may try to copy our procedures, but they are unable to duplicate our professionalism and commitment. 

HeatRx is committed to making sure your bed bugs are exterminated and that you remain bed bug free! Our 6 month extended warranty is unmatched!

HeatRx will eliminate all stages of bed bugs in ONE TREATMENT.

We will save you time, money and frustration!

We have proven processes guaranteed to exterminate even the worst bed bug infestations.


Don’t Throw Out Your Furniture.

We Can Kill Bed Bugs and Save Your Belongings!

Bed Bug Eggs

Very tiny, but still visible with the naked eye. Sticky and often found near bed bug fecal matter. Can be found in screw holes, furniture joints, folds of fabric, etc.

Bed Bug Nymphs

After hatching bed bug nymphs will seek out a blood meal. There are 5 nymphal stages and a blood meal is required at each stage.

Bed Bug Adults

Adult bed bugs can move quickly, but will usually just meander. Adult bed bugs can reproduce quickly. A female bed bug can lay more than 200 eggs in a lifetime.



Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Bed bug heat treatments are the recommended method to eliminate bed bugs. A bed bug heat treatment is the most convenient option for homeowners because it requires little preparation and the bed bug problem is solved in one day. Bed bugs cannot survive when we bring the heat!

Natural Solutions

Our all natural bed bug solutions consist of a combination of mechanical pest control methods like steaming and vacuuming. We are also one of the only licensed companies in California using a proven bio-pesticide that uses nature against nature. We will discuss these options with you during the FREE bed bug inspection.

Exterminating Bed Bugs

The HeatRx Process


Expert Inspection

A licensed inspector will visit your property and diligently check for evidence of bed bugs. This free bed bug inspection may take 30-60 minutes.


We will give you written instructions on what you should and shouldn’t do when preparing for a treatment. Our instructions are easy to understand and follow.

Expert Treatment

Our team will spend the time required and make the effort to make sure you get the best treatment.  We love to Deliver Incredible experiences to our clients. 


Our Licensed Bed Bug Specialists will visit your home and give you a no-obligation inspection and bid. We will tell you if you have bed bugs or some other pest. We will outline treatment plan for your home!

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