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Very Friendly!

Joyce was very thorough in explaining how the heat-based treatment can eliminate the bedbugs, how do we prepare and the whole process. She was very friendly and I would recommend highly.

-Suresh M.

Courteous & Upbeat!

Knowledgeable, professional, courteous, upbeat … my husband and I really appreciate Cody.

-Niki H.

Highly Recommend!

HeatRx is great. James and the rest of your staff was professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Will recommend highly. Thank you.
-Robert M.


We can save your belongings! Don’t throw out your furniture! 

Bed Bug Eggs

Very tiny, but still visible with the naked eye. Sticky and often found near bed bug fecal matter. Can be found in screw holes, furniture joints, folds of fabric, etc.

Bed Bug Nymphs

After hatching bed bug nymphs will seek out a blood meal. There are 5 nymphal stages and a blood meal is required at each stage.

Bed Bug Adults

Adult bed bugs can move quickly, but will usually just meander. Adult bed bugs can reproduce quickly. A female bed bug can lay more than 200 eggs in a lifetime.

Why are so many people using HeatRx to get rid of bed bugs?

  • Eliminate ALL stages of bed bugs! (Eggs, Nymphs and Adults all perish at 120 degrees!)
  • 100% Family & Pet Friendly!
  • 1000’s of Satisfied Customers.
  • We document our work and take every opportunity to Deliver Incredible!

Discreet Bed Bug Specialists

We advertise online, not in your driveway.

HeatRx is a discreet bed bug exterminator that takes the feelings of its clientele into account. We keep our service vehicles clean and free of all references to bed bugs. Consequently, many people think we are a Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Company. 

We know bed bugs can be incredibly frustrating.  We also know that you may not want to advertise to the neighborhood the possibility that you might have bed bugs.

HeatRx will save you time, money and frustration!


We eliminate mild to SEVERE bed bug infestations.

  • Make the Call & Bed Bugs Will Be Gone! 
  • 1-Year Day Extended Warranty!
  •  Environmentally Responsible
  •  22+ Years of Experience
  • Non-Toxic Heat Treatment
  • Results Are 100% Guaranteed
  • Entire Structure Bed Bug Elimination & Remediation
  • Licensed & Insured


Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Bed bug heat treatments are the recommended method to eliminate bed bugs. A bed bug heat treatment is the most convenient option for homeowners because it requires little preparation and the bed bug problem is solved in one day. Bed bugs cannot survive when we bring the heat!

Natural Solutions

Our natural bed bug solutions consist of a combination of mechanical pest control methods like steaming and vacuuming.  We are also one of the only licensed companies in California using a proven bio-pesticide that uses nature against nature.  We will discuss these options with you during the FREE bed bug inspection.

Exterminating Bed Bugs: The HeatRx Process

Expert Inspection

A licensed inspector will visit your property and diligently check for evidence of bed bugs. This free bed bug inspection may take 30-60 minutes. 


We will give you written instructions on what you should and shouldn’t do when preparing for a treatment. Our instructions are easy to understand and follow.

Expert Treatment

Our team will spend the time required and make the effort to make sure you get the best treatment.  We love to Deliver Incredible experiences to our clients.

#1 Sacramento Bed Bug Treatment

Same or Next Day Appointments Available. Competitive Pricing. 
Fully Licensed & Insured. HeatRx Can Get You Bed Bug Free in 1 Day!

Sacramento Bed Bug Exterminator

California has a problem with bed bugs and Sacramento is no exception. When you hire an experienced bed bug exterminator you can quickly eliminate even the worst bed bug infestations.

HeatRx has been serving the Bay Area of California and after numerous requests from Sacramento residents, we have decided to expand to Sacramento. HeatRx has the equipment and training needed to get your home bed bug free.

Local Bed Bug Exterminator Near You

We provide bed bug extermination services to various communities in San Francisco Bay Area. Click on your county name in the list below to find more information. Our bed bug specialists are looking forward to help you become bed bug free!

What People Say About Us

James has been extremely helpful and detailed in helping us through this situation. He responded to all of my emails promptly, he accommodated us when we had a scheduling mix up, he did an extremely thorough job on our house. I would highly recommend him and the whole company. Thank you so much!
Natalie M.
Alameda, CA
Brennan and his co-worker were professional and knowledgable. Brennan assured me that any items he observed that could be damaged would be removed out of harms way. He did not attempt to sell me any products I did not need and he demonstrated his concern for eradicating the bed bugs from the house. Thanks Brennan.
Adam I.
Castro Valley, CA
Cody was very professional, personable, informative & assuring of the service being provided. I’ve had no activity since getting my treatment & I’m so relieved!
Tasha D.
Oakland, CA

In The News:

“SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) — Bedbugs are on the rise in some areas of the country not previously prone to outbreaks.

Sacramento topped the list of cities with the highest increase in bedbug infestations so far this year, according to a pest company.Terminix released its list of cities experiencing the largest increases in bedbug activity, with Sacramento coming in at No. 1, with a 54 percent jump in bedbug customer calls compared to this same time last year.”

Click here to read the entire article from kcra.com.

Sacramento Bed Bug Exterminator

Sacramento Heat Treatments

HeatRx is Versatile

HeatRx can skillfully eliminate bed bugs using a variety of methods. A bed bug heat treatment is particularly effective at eliminating bed bug populations that are resistant to traditional treatment methods. Heat will penetrate the deepest and tiniest cracks and crevices where bed bugs love to hide.


Heat is Natural & Chemical Free

We love using heat because it is a natural way to drastically reduce a bed bug population. Even a localized heat treatment, like steaming, can quickly wipe out the bulk of a bed bug population, paving the way for alternative treatment options that will remove every trace of these loathsome pests.

Heat can kill bugs in tiny hiding spots.

Heat can penetrate even the smallest of bed bug hiding spots. As you can see in the image to the left bed bugs can hide in knots of wood. A heat treatment will eliminate adult bed bugs, nymphs and eggs.

Does HeatRx charge a trip fee for Sacramento bed bug inspections?

Sacramento is a little bit of a drive from our office in Hayward, California.  Luckily, through cell phones and messaging we are able to identify bed bugs visually through our phones.  If you think you might have a bed bug give us a call. Or, text us a picture of a bed bug and if the picture is clear enough we can confirm if you are dealing with bed bugs or something else.  The price depends on the layout of the home and square footage.  We can use online databases to get a feel from your home and provide a written estimate. We can provide FREE bed bug inspections for all residents of Sacramento, but you will have to be patient with us and scheduling can be tricky. Call us today to schedule a FREE inspection!

Oakland Bed Bug Inspection

Preparing for a Bed Bug Inspection

You do not need to do anything to prepare for a bed bug inspection from HeatRx.  In fact, if you vacuum, change bed sheets, or otherwise clean up the room you may inadvertently remove the evidence our team is trained to look for during bed bug inspections.

So please,  leave the room “as is”, no need to clean up for our team.

Please do not remove bedding, sheets or mattress toppers. Leave everything “where is” and “as is”. During the inspection, our bed bug inspector will pull back your bed sheets, remove mattress toppers and possibly the mattress and the box spring to get a better look.


The only preparation required for bed bug inspections is making yourself available to provide access to the property.



FREE bed bug inspections in Sacramento!

We are happy to schedule a bed bug inspection that fits your schedule. Bed bugs can be difficult to find, particularly if it is in the early stages of an infestation. Please leave your beds and bedding “as they are”, no need to clean anything up prior to our arrival. Call us today to schedule a FREE inspection (510) 343-7118!

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James Was Very Professional And Was Very Nice To Work With. Thank You.
Ed — Newark

Prompt, Thorough And Honest. Would Recommend To Anyone Needing Insect Pest Control. Communicates Well.
Anne — Daly City
“We chose the right pest control company to call when we picked these guys! They came out and did a very thorough inspection and then walked us through everything they recommended.”

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